* Even though you will have complete access to all of the images I release to you, you will not be allowed to re-edit said images (i.e. photoshop, add filters, etc.) without permission.
* If you have intent of using said images to generate income, you must let me know before hand and get a license for use.
* Travel fees may apply, so please ask when making reservations.

Families Are Forever beginning at $400
1 hr session, wardrobe consult, a minimum of 25 processed images (The price goes up for each additional family member after the first 3. If you need an extended family group session, let me know at time of booking)

So In Love... $300
1 hr session for one couple, a minimum of 15 processed images

Oh, Baby! $1200
Birth Announcement Session (optional), Maternity Session, Birth Session, Newborn Session, a minimum of 75 total processed images

Precious Moments $200
1 hr session for one person, a minimum of 20 processed images

Just Because $500
2 hr session for one person with 2-3 different locations/wardrobe changes, at least 40 processed images

Birth Announcement Session $75
1/2 hr session with a minimum of 10 processed images

Maternity Session $300 1 hr session for mama, daddy, and siblings, with focus on mama & baby belly (not to be confused with Families Are Forever Package), a minimum of 25 processed images

Birth Session $800
This one is more expensive because I am on-call for your birth and will most likely be traveling a lot and spending up to 24 hours in the hospital with you (and it is the same price, no matter how long your labor/delivery last....I am not going to discriminate against any mamas who have long labors like me). Minimum of 40 processed images

Newborn Session $300 (in studio or out of doors, my choice of location) OR $375 (in your home) Both posed/lifestyle images, in my studio, in your home, or out of doors (weather permitting), a minimum of 30 processed images

Home $250 ½ hr consult (rearranging of furniture, decorations, suggestions, etc.), ½ hr session, a minimum of 15 processed images

Vehicle $100
½ hr session with one location change, a minimum of 10 processed images (and if the vehicle is your baby, I will be getting some shots of you enjoying your vehicle, so dress accordingly)

Head Shots $50
5 processed images

Products/Marketing (FREE estimates)
And I am always open to trades, if I have a need for your product/service!

If you are interested, feel free to call or text me.
Danni Carlsen 801.513.7027


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